An Australian War Requiem was first performed in August 2014 at the Sydney Town Hall and was greeted with critical acclaim. This unique work will be performed again in 2018,  on Armistice Day 11th November at 3.00pm in the wonderful surrounds of the Sydney Town Hall. Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War, and judging by the comments from those present at the work's premiere in 2014, this promises to be a unique musical experience.

"Just to say how fabulous the War Requiem was in every respect.  So well done and so moving. We both thought the music itself was terrific and exceeded expectations."

"Our warmest congratulations all round for an absolutely magnificent performance of that wonderful work! It was simply mind-blowing and superbly sung and played. What a masterpiece!

"A truly moving experience with instant standing ovation at the end. Without consultation, every person there knew what a magnificent event they had just witnessed. I think this work will go down in history."

"What a magnificent performance of an amazing work! Congratulations! We loved it and were very moved - me to tears. An unforgettable experience."

"It was brilliant, very moving - you could have heard a pin drop in the audience. This stands up well against the Britten. It was a privilege to be in the audience."

It was a great to be part of the enterprise, and the concert was; a stirring success. My daughter, who is a very accomplished musician (and an alto singer) said it was the most moving choral work she has ever listened to."

"I am still savouring the after-glow of the wonderful and very moving performance of An Australian War Requiem on Sunday. Congratulations to Chris for his brilliant composition as well as his sheer musicianship and energy in pulling off the memorable performance so eloquently, with so many forces involved. I have heard only accolades since the concert."

"It was probably the most wonderful singing event of my life for many reasons. The composition itself is incredibly beautiful, powerfully reflective and quite a cathartic experience."

"I’ll be telling my grandchildren one day about this one!"

"It was a marvellous experience to sing in this great work."

"I found the experience profoundly moving. At the end I doubt there were many dry eyes in the audience or the choir. The score was amazing, truly one of the great requiems!"

"Fabulous, yes. And exciting, moving, beautiful. I just want to do it again - and again! Walking away from the stage I saw many lingering around with beatified faces, or talking with excitement; it was clear that it had been a great experience for them too."

 "An exciting and moving performance. It is a musical memory that I will cherish."

 "I too felt that it was a complete privilege to have been able to sing in such a significant, moving, powerful and yet in places sorrowfully beautiful musical composition. An experience I know I shall never forget. I also struggled at times in rehearsal with a lump in my throat and tears pricking in my eyes."
"The music was stunning - reflective and stirring, and I am sure no one in the audience would have left there unaffected. The blend of voices and orchestra, the vocal soloists and the instrumental soloists all combined so well to create the feeling of loss and grief, and the ending I thought was particularly poignant. I‘m sure Chris is very happy with it and the composition will be viewed as an Australian masterpiece."

"What an absolute honour it was to be involved with that performance. I am weeping AGAIN just thinking about it – as did my friends who were totally inconsolable. They said the WHY WHY started them off,  then the bugle followed by the Anzac pledge and the piper. All absolutely too too much. I do hope I can get to sing it again some time."

"It was a privilege to work with you all. It was an emotional experience for both performers and the audience."

"The feedback has been incredible. For the performance and also for the composition. There were composers in the audience who were so impressed with the writing."

"I really do feel so privileged to have been involved - it really was just as you said it would be - a very special ‘event’ - not just ‘another concert’.  I was very moved during the performance." 

“An impressive performance indeed. An ambitious project which involved many people and which was delivered with great aplomb”

 "I can honestly say that it was one of those concerts that will be remembered as a highlight of my musical career."