The Australian War Requiem received its second performance on Armistice Day, November 11th at the Sydney Town Hall. The response has been incredible  and confirms the work’s status as a major addition to the repertoire.

Some of the responses from the public:

" I needed to congratulate you on today’s performance of the Bowen magnum opus, An Australian War Requiem at Sydney Town Hall.  It seemed to me that a spell was cast from the first sound that we heard.   Attention was riveted and time flew past, emotional engendered in us by the magnitude of the many outstanding qualities of this gripping work.  I found myself almost taking part in the action described by the sheer musical creativity that elucidates in this amazing piece.” 
   “The forces ranged to present An Australian War Requiem did such appreciable justice to this great work, from setting the scene in context with the images and readings from letters at the outset, to the fading last note of the bagpiper.  I felt as if had not drawn breath from beginning to end, so involved was I, and so grateful to be able to enjoy fully the vocal contributions, a bonus being the possibility personally to convey this gratitude and appreciation to the singers and the flawless trumpeter.”
“I hope you will enjoy time mulling over the details of the performance and even perhaps reliving it.  The powerful poignancy and reverence for the sacrifices made in that war, are fully realised in Christopher’s work of genius.  Bravissimo  - particularly to you Christopher for marrying the music so perfectly to Pamela’s moving and lucid text.  And to the choir, our combined gratitude for doing such honour to this great work.   I am grateful to be on my own this evening so that I can live in the memory of this afternoon’s experience."

“Thank you for such a moving performance yesterday - congratulations to you both and the entire musical forces involved. The soloists (wow), orchestra and choirs were superb and the music, text and visuals were poignant and sensitive tributes to those who died serving their country. I was in the front row and was thoroughly absorbed by the performance.”

"A truly wonderful remarkable moving performance...I want you to do a repeat performance tomorrow night so I can have the experience all over again please -it had a deep response within that is with us still.  The last post and the bagpiper left moist eyes".

“The performance was dazzling and unforgettable.” 

“I had friends in the audience who were moved to tears. What a fantastic artwork, congratulations to Christopher.”

“A truly memorable event and one of my favourite works ever.” 

“What a piece !!!!!! Amazing .It should be played every year . I was moved ...”

“I so loved the performance yesterday.  The choir sounded brilliant and the soloists, childrens’ choir were wonderful too.  The orchestra was stunning.”